Horse herd

To all those who have shared their and/or the story of their animals healing journey with me, through the website and with others, MUCH GRATITUDE AND JOY TO YOU ALL. Thanks also to KD Waddington for permission to use her picture of the Wadi Farm herd as the top caption image. 


My name is Mushka, it's Russian for Doe eyes. I'm a two and half year old Rottweiler from an excellent bred German bloodline. My Kennel name was social scandal and that seems to still carry the good energy as I'm friendly natured, love playing with children, other dogs especially on the beach while surfing in and out of the waves.

When Tracey started her treatment on me, I was in pain and agony. I fell backwards onto my hip, elbow and head and somehow this caused quite a trauma.

Topas and Daisy

Tracey has worked with my animals (dogs and horses) as well as me, since 2013.  The support Tracey has provided us with has significantly improved our overall health, well-being and functioning capacity.

Thank you so much Tracey for all you have done for Qantas and Beans!

In early 2013 I nearly lost Beans. He was very attached to my beautiful Retriever, Rikki, who had recently died from cancer.

Omaru Apreeto Webstein

I am really new to Western Australia. I travelled here from the Queensland sunshine coast which took me 10 days of travelling. Even though I am a mentally and physically strong guy, this was a lot. I lived with my family in Queensland for 12 years and now I am at a whole different place in a very different climate.

George Webstein

I am doing pretty well for my age and a lot of people do not even know my age (will not disclose it here either). However, my mum knows that I am not always feeling that flash.

Hello, my name is Rosie. I have had locked stifles since I can think and other issues with my feet. As you can imagine this sometimes makes you feel achy and grumpy and other areas are affected because you feel so stiff.