Horse herd
Topas and Daisy

Tracey has worked with my animals (dogs and horses) as well as me, since 2013.  The support Tracey has provided us with has significantly improved our overall health, well-being and functioning capacity.

When we first met, my two dogs and I were in the early stages of grief and loss after losing a 2.5 year old puppy (son of one of my dogs). We had been dealing with his rare illness for 1.5 years and were burned out from the toll it had taken. Tracey was originally booked in to conduct a cranio session on the (then) sick puppy.  Instead she worked on me as in the intervening days since making the appointment, young Monty decided it was time to leave this life. 

Tracey is highly professional and cares deeply for her clients.  Her flexibility, knowledge and ability to treat (support and heal) behavioural, nutritional, stress, anxiety, physiological and emotional issues is unique. Her commitment to care holistically for her clients, drawing on a wealth of wisdom, skills, training and techniques form a diverse range of modalities provides (in my opinion) the perfect “preventative health care” service. 

At times, when faced with animal emergencies, I have contacted Tracey who has provided distance energetic work to support my animals and I through the initial trauma of the emergency while we have sought the required allopathic treatment needed to address the issue (as well as post emergency care and support through various treatment options).

I highly recommend Dr Tracey Simpson for anyone seeking to improve their animals (and their own) quality of life and connection to/relationship with their pets.