Horse herd

Thank you so much Tracey for all you have done for Qantas and Beans!

In early 2013 I nearly lost Beans. He was very attached to my beautiful Retriever, Rikki, who had recently died from cancer.

His grieving was profound. He became very depressed, developed arthritis in multiple joints, was not eating well and developed bloody diarrhoea. Everything seemed to be shutting down and I was at my wit's end. Tracey came and did energy work with him, and he started to turn around and became engaged with life once more. Without Tracey's help, I doubt that Beans would still be here, but today he is a happy 11 year old!

Qantas had a serious issue at his tail base, and Tracey did craniosacral and other work on him to get that moving again and he was immediately more comfortable and could move better. He is now 19 and going strong!

I am an integrative veterinarian, and I use physical therapies, acupuncture and herbs in my practice. I have asked Tracey to work with me on cases, and referred other cases to her and the results have been amazing.

There is no doubt that Tracey has an incredible gift with healing, and with animal communication. We are very lucky that she shares that with us.