Horse herd

Horses have much to teach us and facilitate alongside me in both my equine facilitated learning (EFL) work and my journey with horses sessions. They have been and still are some of my greatest teachers.  As sentient beings, horses see into the heart and soul of a person naturally, are always honest and live in the present moment with a heart-based, body-centred awareness. They engage and see the true being that is within you, and make no judgement about age, gender, intellect, social status, disability and so on. They will ask the same of you to be connected in mind, body and heart.  Would you choose this way of being for yourself where you are responsible for all that you are and do?      

Come and explore the way of the horse with me and the horses I work with and learn about yourself in a heart centred space. Horses live in the world, constantly observing and making decisions that best serve them by paying attention to what is going on inside their bodies as well as what is going on in the environment around them – i.e. they are fully present in each moment, which is what they bring with them to this work. 

Working together with horses gives the participant an experience of the horse-human connection which may lead to deeper self-awareness, insight, development and growth.  This interconnectedness with horse wisdom enhances the expansion of self, due to the ability of horses to mirror back to us our emotions and the energy they bring with them to a session.  By seeing yourself through the way of the horse, being open to be seen by them, you naturally open yourself to a new awareness of being which can be transferred into your day to day life. Therein lies the opportunity for self-discovery, play and adventure. If we choose to see patterns of behaviours and energy as being non-verbal communication – the way of the horse, we may uncover an inner dialogue that can lead to a deepened sense of self-empowerment in body, mind and knowing; assist in learning compassionate communication skills, have the opportunity to develop clarity of focus and intention and practice moving meditation.

EFL session’s can be individual or group sessions. The equine facilitated experiential learning adventure is suitable for individuals of any age interested in achieving clarity of life purpose, developing interpersonal skills and relationships, and compassionate heart centred communication. Interactive on the ground exercises with horses are used to create bonding, mind-heart-body connection, promote team building, and develop personal insights.

Other areas EFL can be used include facilitation in dealing with:

  • various forms of trauma, including post traumatic stress;
  • grief and loss;
  • mental health issues;
  • accessing one’s inner knowing and moving beyond to the way of being; and developing
  • self-confidence and leadership skills.

The journey with you sessions, incorporate energy work and craniosacral balance in a dynamic dance that brings greater connection with horse and human leading to greater self-awareness of the person.  If you do not have your own horse/s and would like to experience journeying with horses in a healing context, sessions can be arranged on request. 

I welcome you to come and experience horse wisdom and allow yourself to experience each moment as horses do where BEING leads to infinite self-knowing, peace, strength, grace, wisdom and kindness and a new way of engaging your life in a fully connected way.


EFL Workshop: Finding the Breath within with Horses: November 2019

“It was very humbling working with horses I'd never met before but so willing to engage. To enable you to realise quite blunt messages in a way that wouldn't be received well if a human tried to tell you the same thing. Tracey was excellent as a facilitator - very grounded yet always supportive & keeping you on point. Her ability to ask the questions she does at the time she does was quite unbelievable & kept me very much on track. It was about understanding we are more than our physical body - a couple of very powerful exercises one with the horse one with another human. By being truly present and grounded - via the breath - how we can feel into our body and listen to what it has to say. The hardest thing for me is turning my brain off so I was knackered at the end of the day & still feel a bit discombobulated today. Hope that helps but it's quite difficult to explain” Michelle Brannan, December 2019.

EFL Workshop: Meeting your Horse with New Eyes: January 2019

"I am soooooooo glad I came to your workshop with Baloo. It has brought me beyond fear to a place where I can really trust Baloo.I have always worked on releasing fear, but until now, I didn't know the solution to this was to trust, let alone how to find that! It has created a shift more epic than I could imagine possible. What is most interesting, is the change it has created for not just Baloo and I, but Bella and I. When I come down to the paddock now, Bella shows me calm and quiet and politely asks to engage. Before, she basically didn't want to know me and would be guarded, worried and disinterested. I can now go down to the paddock and spend time with them together, in a calm, positive way without the worry and fear which previously engulfed me. I actually feel like I can trust her too which is just amazing. Baloo taught me I can trust and I am so grateful you made this possible. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart" Suz, February 2020