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Many conditions can be worked with and benefit from using CSB techniques, an indication of just a handful of these are included in the below table. CSB works with other modalities and can be used concurrently with massage, myofascial release, acupuncture and many other modalities as it works synergistically. Please note: dependant on the condition, treatment other than craniosacral may be required such as, a conventional veterinary approach or other therapeutic approaches (herbal medicine, homeopathy).

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  • various musculoskeletal and neurological issues
  • neck and back pain 
  • hip dysplasia
  • lameness
  • arthritis
  • soft tissue injury/pain
  • behavioural issues - aversion to touch or grooming, stopped jumping, litter box problems, over grooming
  • epilepsy
  • geriatric cats – stiff movement, grouchiness, reluctance to jump 
  • preventative treatment in middle age (5+ years)
  • surgical adhesion/scar from spay or neuter surgery
  • uneven gait
  • rehabilitation after injury or surgery