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“Craniosacral balancing is the culmination of all that is and will be, condensed into a single being that is connected energetically to all other living beings in the cosmos.” Guides 2016.

At Animal Konnection we work with animals specifically horses, dogs and cats (other species are welcome) and people using an integrative therapeutic approach melding different techniques as and when required. Sessions vary in length form ½ - 1½ hours typically, species dependant. Work will usually involve my hands on the body using very light hand or finger pressure (3-5g) or totally hands off.  For people a session is received lying down and fully clothed.

Craniosacral balancing (CSB) is both an art and science. It is the art of listening/connecting, with all one’s senses, supporting and following the unwinding of an individual’s issues whether physical, mental, emotional/behavioural or energetic utilising the craniosacral system. It is the science of neurological, physiological, endocrine and musculoskeletal balancing.  The work is about being fully present so that a sacred healing space is created where the individual feels supported and able to heal. 

The work involves opening our heart and minds to infinite possibilities. We offer our pure intention and healing hands to both animals and people and in return they teach us and show us their needs. From this a deep heart to heart connection is formed.  We come to appreciate a deeper sense of the connection between all sentient beings and a respect for nature ensues, this keeps us (the facilitators) open to new ways of “listening” and connecting with you and the animlas who journey with you. We are truly blessed to do this work; all of you keep us humble and focused on striving to find the most beneficial way to connect, and facilitate the healing that is required. 

The body’s intelligence and ability to self-heal is amazing - it constantly maintains and balances all the body systems on a moment by moment basis. It is something we all take for granted, but it is the most capable healing tool available to us.

CSB is able to help many conditions, as it is based on facilitating the body’s innate intelligence and highly evolved self-repair mechanisms. Your system uses these to make changes throughout your body, at an integrated energetic and cellular level.

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    "As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all Beings.” The Dalai Lama

    A craniosacral therapist is a therapeutic facilitator who utilises universal mind, body and energy/spirit to facilitate an individual’s healing at the level where it is most needed as directed by the client (human or animal).  This healing can range from symptomatic relief to the resolution of core problems. It is the all-encompassing ability of craniosacral work, along with the ability of the healing facilitator to tune into the inner wisdom and knowing of the client, which then guides the healing process.  This is what sets this therapy apart from many others and makes it unique. 

    CSB employs a whole-animal/person approach to well-being, functionality and the inter-connectedness of mind, emotions, body and spirit are deeply acknowledged. It is an effective form of treatment for a wide range of disharmonies, assisting to create the optimal conditions for health, vitality and facilitation of a deep sense of well-being. CSB can be used with other modalities synergistically and is a great integrator.  ‘Less is more’ is definitely a principle of this integrative approach as it involves using very light pressure or energy to bring about significant changes throughout the whole individual.

    Life expresses itself as movement. If the hands are placed gently on the body the rise and fall of the abdomen and rib cage are felt with each breath; the arterial pulse with each heart beat – and beyond that the subtle flow of the craniosacral rhythm (CSR) -  the basis of the craniosacral system. 

    The CSR feels like a slow wave motion through the tissues of the body and the energy field which can be palpated anywhere - on or off the body - due to its energetic component. CSB is usually a ‘hands-on’ therapy. In response to physical, environmental, mental and emotional stresses placed on the energy field body tissues contract and emotional well-being is distrupted. If unresolved, restrictions may develop, which can culminate in physical pain, emotional imbalance, behaviour issues, loss of functionality or imbalance at some level. In CSB the practitioner is trained to perceive the subtle CSR and imbalances in its rhythm, amplitude, quality and rate. The aim is to release and unravel tensions and resistance in the joints, tissues and fascia, emotions, and energetic field to awaken self-correction and healing.

    CSB is deeply relaxing and restorative, and as a whole-body therapy it may aid individuals with almost any condition by promoting vitality and well-being. CSB also enables the body’s own self-healing processes to be maximised. The practitioner facilitates enhanced function, by listening and responding to the inner wisdom of the client which enables with the simplest and lightest of touch the body and emotions to respond at the deepest level.

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    This depends on what the goals are, what disharmony is present, and how readily an individual’s system responds to the therapy. As a general rule, three to six sessions will have a significant impact on most issues. Chronic conditions will require more prolonged treatment and possibly ongoing maintenance sessions. Thereafter periodic maintenance sessions may be decided upon, for example: in equine work CSB after dental work is useful to relieve any compression to the cranial bones caused by the gag and the mouth being held open for the dental work, after competition or falls and after hoof trimming to support the realignment of the physical body, for us too after dental work, traumas and for general care and maintenance. 

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    Initially we will chat to get an understanding of the background, history and what you would like from the session. There will be an assessment which varies depending on the species. I will respectively connect with the individual - I will then know intuitively where to begin and will be guided by the individual’s higher wisdom and the energetic beings who work with us, as to where and what level we need to work. This information can reveal traumas and blockages throughout the energy field, the body's musculoskeletal and nervous system and emotional/behaviour trauma patterning. The facilitator is guided to recognise the support needed in the healing process. Through connecting with a client's CS system the facilitator encourages and helps the system to self-regulate and release traumatic forces so that the individual can function again in a balanced way. Experiences after a session vary. The healing process continues after the session. It is possible to feel a time of reorganisation in the body/emotions/thinking which may occasionally include some discomfort. A change in your or your animals condition will be experienced over a period of time.

    Sessions varying in length form ½ - 1½ hours typically. Work will usually involve my hands on the body using very light hand or finger pressure (3-5g).  For people a session is received lying down and fully clothed.

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    Background information and details in regard to CSB can be found in the following books:

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