Horse herd

Initially we will chat to get an understanding of the background, history and what you would like from the session. There will be an assessment which varies depending on the species. I will respectively connect with the individual - I will then know intuitively where to begin and will be guided by the individual’s higher wisdom and the energetic beings who work with us, as to where and what level we need to work. This information can reveal traumas and blockages throughout the energy field, the body's musculoskeletal and nervous system and emotional/behaviour trauma patterning. The facilitator is guided to recognise the support needed in the healing process. Through connecting with a client's CS system the facilitator encourages and helps the system to self-regulate and release traumatic forces so that the individual can function again in a balanced way. Experiences after a session vary. The healing process continues after the session. It is possible to feel a time of reorganisation in the body/emotions/thinking which may occasionally include some discomfort. A change in your or your animals condition will be experienced over a period of time.

Sessions varying in length form ½ - 1½ hours typically. Work will usually involve my hands on the body using very light hand or finger pressure (3-5g).  For people a session is received lying down and fully clothed.

Meet Dr. Tracey Simpson

Rosie and Tracey