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“Abide in stillness and your purpose will be known, your heart and soul united, that place of all healing and spiritual growth. Be joyous always” Guides, 2016.

Animal Konnection is about cultivating heart centred healing with you and the animals that journey with you. We look to facilitate individuals with their self-healing journey to greater joy, wellness and functionality on all levels, and a greater connection with their deeper knowing. We are passionate about providing individualised healing sessions, for all who share their wellness journeys with us.

At Animal Konnection we work predominantly with people, horses, dogs and cats - AND their caregivers, using an integrative therapeutic approach which melds different techniques, as they are required.  Therapeutic techniques used are craniosacral balance, somato-emotional/behavioural release, energy work, flower essences, myofascial techniques and natural veterinary medicine. The work we do is about being fully present so that a sacred healing space is created where the individual feels supported and able to heal. We employ a whole-animal/person approach to well-being, functionality and the inter-connectedness of mind, emotions, body and energy/spirit are deeply acknowledged.

These modalities are used separately or synergistically to enable an individual’s inherent ability to heal to come to the fore. An “individual” refers to all those we work with whether 2 or 4 legged, haired or feathered. 

 “The creatures that inhabit this earth - be they human beings or animals - are here to contribute, each in its own particular way, to the beauty and prosperity of the world”. The Dalai Lama

Meet Dr. Tracey Simpson

Rosie and Tracey